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Hair Loss Testimonials*

"The Progesterone is really growing my hair back. Even the hairline is coming in better. Hairline was bad for decades though, so I don't expect all of it back."

"I was classified a NW 6 to NW 7 before using your 30% Minoxidil. I think I'm at a NW 4 now. Last year I posted my 'Before' pics on Realself.com to see what kind of results I might get from a hair transplant. Hair transplant Drs told that I was a "Bald Man" and to just accept it. Thanks to your product that's no longer the case."

— A.G.

"I can’t thank you enough for this product. I saw pictures of myself from 2013 ( I used 30% since Jan 19, 12.5% before). My hair number is now at 2011 (balding for a long time). I always wore a hat, and had probably an inch (triangle sliver, in the middle on my forehead), with a come over for the top. Now I have almost no baldness on vertex, and 2 – 4 inches on my forehead (balding for a long time). I have visible hair in the far back of my temples (on the side). I even have more growing on my temples. It’s not just small hair. It seems the parts above my side burns and middle are gaining more rapidly, but there’s definitely visible hair far back on my temples. No comb over needed. Not sure if it’s the finasteride or min, but it’s doing the job."

— K.G.

"Thank you Susan, you are the best! The shampoo/conditioner is awesome! I love it! It makes my hair feel and smell superb! I will start the other products in my regimen, and get more hair than I already have. I can't wait! Thank you for making my day!"

— J.B.

"I've been taking photos of my receding hairline for Hair Loss talk blog. I believe your 30% minoxidil might be the answer to receding hairline issues. The length from the nostrils to the chin is the same length from the eyebrow to the hairline (for men/women who aren't balding). I grew 1 centimeter back since I've been using this product in January. (I had 7cm before, I measured it. Now it's six, and I have new terminal hairs that are not densely populated around my scalp, about 2 cm out)."

— K.G.

"This is the best product I have tried. I’m actually growing hair on my receding hairline. It grew over 1cm, and I have terminal hairs. For the first time my receding hairline is actually moving forward. When I show people my new hair on my receding hairline, on a hair loss blog, I get a lot of skeptics. I would recommend minoxidil mixed with finasteride for any man serious about their hair loss."

— K.G.

"Your product Minoxidil is one of the best I have ever used."

— M.R.

"After only 2.5 months of your minoxidyl compound coupled with vitad3 and iron tablets, (also vita c), I am pleasantly shocked to see actual growth in my widow's peak patches. Still mostly stubble, but a few strands of normal length hairs are stemming from those areas! I had not really planned to look closely until approximately 4 months of use, yet I can't help but notice each night as I apply your solution to those areas."

— J.S.

"I am currently receiving your lotion for hair loss, and it has been amazing; in addition to seeing new hair growth, it has stopped hair from falling out by at least 90%. It has been a blessing for me."

— E.O.

"I just wanted to write and let you know that the dutasteride topical you made for me was extremely effective. I wanted to drag it out so I applied it once per day with minoxidil for the other application (I had been using minoxidil twice per day). Within the 60 days, I have regrown an astounding amount of hair, I kid you not. My temples are substantially fuller and what was once a bit of a bald spot is no more. Just wanted you to know that your efforts were worth it. I have learned of a few people who are mixing one capsule per day with 30 ml of aloe and using it with good results. I'll give that a try to see if I can keep what your mixture has given me and perhaps grow more.

Again, thank you..."

— A.S.

"I have been using compounded minoxidil 12.5% with retinoic acid, which I obtain from your pharmacy, for over a year and a half. I use this in combination with Propecia, and laser light treatment a few times a week with the LaserComb. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results. I had a series of hair transplants during the period from 1994-1999, with almost 2,000 grafts, plus a scalp reduction at the crown. You may know that, while transplanted hair does grow, it is almost always much thinner than when it was growing in the original spot. I was never really quite happy with the final results of my multiple hair transplant surgeries, since the transplanted hair was very thin looking, lifeless, dull, flat, and prone to fly up with the smallest breeze.

I started using the compounded minoxidil, the Propecia, and the laser comb at about the same time in the first half of 2004. Since I have been on this regimen, my hair has been transformed dramatically, becoming much more full looking, both in quality and quantity. It has never looked better, and it appears, basically, to be a normal, healthy, full head of hair, with plenty of body and shine. I have never been happier about my hair. And as you may know, for men, losing our hair is a very traumatic experience. So thanks very much for providing me with the compounded minoxidil. I really appreciate it."

— M.M.

"After only 2.5 months of your minoxidyl compound coupled with vitamin D3 and iron tablets, (also vitamin C), I am pleasantly shocked to see actual growth in my widow's peak patches. Still mostly stubble, but a few strands of normal length hairs are stemming from those areas! I had not really planned to look closely until approximately 4 months of use, yet I can't help but notice each night as I apply your solution to those areas."

— John

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